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Creation date: March 18, 2007

At the present time, I am preparing to wrap up work on my third Xbox-related tennis guide: Virtua Tennis 3.  The third installment of the Virtua Tennis series was released on March 20th in the United States, and I anticipate having this Superguide completed by mid-June.

Between now and June 15, you will find periodic updates to the format and overall read-ability of this FAQ and Strategy Guide.  Much like my two previous Top Spin guides, this too will be a work-in-progress for several weeks before it finally showcases a more refined format.  The final copy of this FAQ & Strategy Guide is scheduled to be posted on or around June 30 (which is reasonably consistent with the timeline for my previous two Top Spin guides).




All content found on the "Original Top Spin FAQ & Strategy Guides" (aka The Original Top Spin Superguides), including the Virtua Tennis 3 portion, is completely original work by the noted author(s).  
Content is owned by and protected by copyright law.  It is not to be reproduced or redistrihuted without the expressed written consent of the XBFL.


Season 2 Summary and Objectives:

During your second season, your primary focus should be on training - but not too hard.  Tournaments will physically drain your custom player as they will be longer, and more difficult to work through.  Knowing when to rest, and for how long, is essential to keeping your player healthy.  In my outline below, the rest I've listed is mandatory.  Failure to do so will almost certainly result in some sort of injury.  I've placed areas of rest at the threshhold of your player's breaking point.  Make note that your stamina bar does not accurately indicate whether your player is prone to injury.  Stamina only shows your player's strength/endurance level.  In otherwords, if his stamina level is below the halfway point, you will begin to notice a drop off in his power shots.  Additionally, your player will be more likely to dive for shots rather than hit running forehands.  If you observe this change in gameplay, your player is ready for some well deserved time off.

Make sure you check your gear every time new sportswear or equipment is given to you.  This season, you should earn a racquet that has a fairly high power rating (Pro Kennex).  Choose this racquet when you receive it.

This schedule assumes that all training goals will be successfully accomplished.


Season 2 Training and Tournament Schedule




 Jan  1


 Pin Crusher Level 3.   While you are eligible for the Shanghai singles tournament, your player will be underpowered to compete effectively.  Yes, if you are good (and lucky with the draw), you can win this tournament - however, it will be very difficult.  In my TS2 guide, a lot of people told me that my expectations where set a bit high with people winning certain tournaments when their players weren't adequately prepared to do so.  With this VT3 Guide, I am considering levels of difficulty a bit more closely.  There is no sense in recommending that people enter the Shanghai singles tournament at this stage since the majority of those will lose in the first or second round.  I feel that training is more important at this point in the game so that you can prepare your player to reach #1 in Season 4.

 Jan 2


 Advantage Series Tournament: Shanghai (Doubles).  

Round 1: 5 points
Round 2: 6 points

You will get a wristband and sportswear.

 Jan 3


 Rest at home.  Your player does not automatically re-set his health to optimum levels at the start of the new season.

 Jan 4


 Rest at home again.  You are about to go through a string of training sessions where your player needs to be well rested.  By taking two rests at home, your player isn't losing a third week that a Vacation requires, and he's not enduring any additional stress by taking an extra week off at Home.

 Feb 1


 Balloon Sniper Level 3

 Feb 2


 Balloon Sniper Level 4.  Go for the red balloons.  They are worth 400 points.

  Feb 3


 Alien Attack.  

  Feb 4

 Practice Match

 Practice Session against an available opponent.  While practices don't level up any particular skill, they do advance your levels a bit in all categories depending on how your match played out.  If you feel that one area is weaker and needs work, then  you'll need to dictate how the match goes so that you increase  your desired skill level.  In otherwords, if you want to improve your ability to rush the net as well as your volley skills, you will need to make sure that follow through on those actions (alot) during your practice matches.

 March 1


 Avalanche.  Now is where you will start needing to improve your footspeed.  Focus on lateral movements (running left and right, and cutting back quickly to change directions).

 March 2


 Your player will now be at the breaking point.  Take a rest at Home and also consume an energy drink.

 March 3


 Advantage Series.  Barcelona, Spain.  Try your best to end your matches as quickly as possible.  If you stretch them out, your player could become injured after the tournament concludes.

Round 1: 5 points
Round 2: 7 points
Round 3: 7 points.

You may get a 5k (running) reward; new shoes.

 March 4


 Take a Vacation.  Anything less will result in an injury after your next practice/event.

 April 3


 Pin Crusher Level 4.  Your serve will become extremely valuable in the next series of tournaments.

 April 4


 Alien Attack.  Be sure to hit with maximum power every chance you get.   This is critical to your success in the upcoming tournaments.

 May 1


 Take an energy drink before entering the Advantage Series Tournament: Italy.  

Round 1: 14 points
Round 2: 5 points
Round 3: 3 points

After successfully completing this event, you will win new sportswear.

 May 2


 Take a Vacation.  I know it seems soon, but your player hasn't been getting the rest he needs.  This vacation will make him fresh for the intense training yet to come.

 June 1


 Alien Attack.  Go for those maximum power groundstrokes, and try to work your forehands and backhands so that they are balanced overall (not just in this training exercise).



 Drum Topple.  It's a quick training session that will boost  your groundstrokes, and not take too much out of your player.  You have a tournament next week and you want your player to be as fresh as possible.

 June 3


 Consume an energy drink.  Enter the Advantage Series: Duselldorf, Germany.

 Round 1: 2 points
 Round 2: 3 points
 Round 4: 2 points

You will receive a new racquet.  Also, around this time, you may also receive a new racquet for hitting 50 max power serves.

 June 4


 Take a Vacation.  Your player is on the verge of sustaining an injury.

 July 3


 Avalanche (foot speed - focus on lateral running and your cut backs)

 July 4


 Prize Defender (volley - do your best to power up on every shot, each with as much angle as possible)

 August 1


 Alien Attack

 August 2


 Home and an energy drink

 August 3


 Alien Attack (Level 4)

 August 4


 Doubles Tournament (Los Angeles).

Round 1: 2 points
Round 2: 3 points
You'll receive sportswear for winning this event.

 September 1



 September 4


 Balloon Sniper

 October 1


 Balloon Sniper  (You are not yet up to spec to compete in the Milan, Italy tournament).

 October 2


 Mixed Doubles: Milan, Italy

Round 1: 2 points
Round 2: 3 points
You will receive new sportswear for winning this event.

 October 3


 Vacation.  You will be facing your longest string of training sessions so far.  Make sure your player is well rested.

 November 2


 Balloon Sniper (get as many max serves as possible!)

 November 3


 Balloon Sniper (level 5)  

 November 4


 Alien Attack

 December 1


 Drum Topple (max power groundstrokes are essential here!)

 December 2


 Balloon Sniper (max serves, max serves, max serves!)

 December 3




Total Time:
1 hr 10min - 1hr 30min.

  If you felt that Season 2 was challenging, you haven't experienced anything yet!
  Your year end ranking should be at or near 88.

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