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The original and most popular FAQ in Cyberspace for Top Spin on the Xbox! This guide is responsible for helping thousands of Top Spin fanatics around the world  in dealing with cheesy gamers by providing detailed insights and innovative gameplay strategies. This Top Spin Superguide was widely acknowledged by gaming and sports forums (and even a developer or two) as the one-stop location on the 'Net  for Xbox Top Spin information for both offline and online gameplay. Features walk-throughs for offline career mode and extensive strategies for gaming on Xbox Live!

Creation Date: January 10, 2003
Console: Xbox

It still features the same "Top Spin" name, but this time around, it has a different publisher!   How much influence did that have on the sequel to arguably the best tennis game to date? The author of the original Top Spin Superguide provides yet another  in-depth walkthrough to this highly anticipated sequel to the original Top Spin. Finding the fast track to creating a new custom character, maxing out his or her abilities through tournaments, recommended attributes and skills, identification of reality flaws and game glitches, offline and online strategies; these and many more topics are covered in the Top Spin 2 Superguide!

Creation Date: October 14, 2006
Console: Xbox 360

Just like the previous two Top Spin Superguides, this TS3 guide features in-depth walkthroughs, offline strategies for defeating A.I. opponents, tips on maximizing your custom characters, and all sorts of other valuable  information to help you succeed in the single-player career mode.  Additionally, discover all the nuances of playing on Xbox Live.  Here, you will find details of all the new game glitches, reality flaws, and tips on how to counter cheesy gaming behavior by those who don't play sim-tennis.   If you are looking to improve your chances of success online, look no further than this widely recognized Top Spin 3 Superguide.

Creation Date: June 23, 2008
Console: Xbox 360

Arguably the most popular tennis videogame in history has finally made its way to the Xbox 360.  The author of the Original Top Spin Superguide once again picks up his virtual racquet and hits the courts with this third installment of Sega's famed tennis series.  Here you will find tips and tricks for successfully completing the World Tour and training exercises, offline and online strategies, and so much more in this very highly detailed strategy and gaming guide.  Quite simply, you will not find a more comprehensive resource available for Virtua Tennis 3.

Creation Date: March 18, 2007
Console: Xbox 360

EA Sports makes their tennis game debut with Grand Slam Tennis, a temporary exclusive to the Nintendo Wii.  This Superguide will teach you all about the nuances of using Wii Motion-Plus, the strengths and weaknesses of the in-game pro-players; plus tips on creating your own custom player, working through career mode, mini-game formats, and competing against global opponents via the Wii Wi-Fi network!  Is Grand Slam Tennis a "novelty" as some have labled it, or should it be taken more seriously?  How is the advertised "total racket control?" Should this game be compared to others like Top Spin and Virtua Tennis? All these questions and more are answered in the first ever Grand Slam Tennis Superguide!

Creation Date: June 9, 2009

Console: Wii

In what feels long overdue, 2K Sports is finally releasing the long-awaited update to their popular  tennis franchise on March 15th.

With TS4, 2K Czech promises more intuitive controls, an improved player roster and general tweaks to make this game more accessible to newcomers without alienating seasoned veterans.

The preliminary date for a first draft of this Top Spin 4 Superguide is March 28th.

Creation Date: March 15, 2011
Console: Xbox 360

The Original Top Spin Superguides were formerly known as The Original Top Spin FAQ & Strategy Guides

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